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Due to the overwhelming popularity of the off-peak bookings at Tropika Club Bookings, Wellaholic will be further collaborating with Tropika Club by releasing off-peak deal coupons at Tropika Club Deals. Wellaholic's customers who are able to visit Wellaho

There are many documented benefits to taking Resveratrol. This powerful antioxidant has been shown to help combat premature ageing. Resveratrol can also fight off free radicals and prevent cancer. But how much resveratrol should you take? This article by

Wellaholic is pleased to inform that we are partnering Tropika Club, the #1 Booking Site for Beauty, Wellness and Fitness services in Singapore. Wellaholic 1-month and single-session treatments would be made available via Tropika Club booking site in the following categories: Hairstyling & Hair Regrowth Hair Removal Facial & Aesthetics Body Slimming

Wellaholic's Ultrasonic Cavi 360 uses ultrasound fat cavitation to break apart the fat deposits in your body. Also known as ultrasonic lipolysis, this body contouring treatment is also known by other names such as Ultrashape or Liponix. Ultrasonic Cavi 360 is a much safer alternative to surgical options, such as liposuction. This cavitation treatment is most ideal for targeting small areas of fat to help you contour and sculpt your body.

Wellaholic is pleased to announce the arrival of our latest generation of fat-loss equipment at our Wellaholic Slimming Lab, located at Wellaholic (Lavender). Using the latest innovation in fat freezing, ultrasonic cavitation, radio frequency body sculpting and laser lipo photomodulation, we are now able to help our customers to further accelerate their fat reduction and fat loss objectives, especially using our 360-degree approach which combines fat reduction treatments together with a robust diet supplement and meal replacement plan, as well as active tracking. Customers are also able to access the information online and track their progress - thereby leading to exceptional success in weight loss and fat reduction.

Who has not had a hair loss scare? All of us, sooner or later, start to worry that we might be losing too much hair. In the following article adapted from Tropika Club, the Wellaholic team will discuss the phases of hair growth, causes of hair fall, and h

Making use of light power to enhance your skin and also skin health might appear like very little greater than a science-fiction pipe dream. But that’s precisely what Team Tropika Club is seeking to find out. Points first, allow’s obtain clear on the esse