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All You Need to Know about Alopecia Areata


It affects approximately 6.8 million men and women in America, and more across the world. For many people, the baldness isn’t anything more than several spots, however in some situations it may be more intense.  The condition can affect anyone irrespective of age and sex, though most instances happen before age 30. In this guide by Wellaholic, we take a look at the symptoms and causes of alopecia areata, its identification, and possible remedies.

What are the Causes of Alopecia Areata?

It’s unknown precisely what causes the body’s immune system to target hair follicles this manner. While scientists are uncertain why these changes occur, it seems that genetics are called alopecia areata is more likely to occur in a person who has a close relative with the disease. One in five people with the disease has a relative who has also developed alopecia areata.

Other research has discovered that lots of people with a family history of alopecia areata have a family or personal history of other autoimmune disorders, such as atopy, a disease characterized by a tendency to be more hyperallergic, thyroiditis, along with vitiligo.

Despite what many men and women think, there is very little scientific evidence to support the view that alopecia areata is caused by anxiety . Extreme instances of anxiety could potentially trigger the condition, but most recent research points toward a genetic origin.


What are the Symptoms of Alopecia Areata?

The most prominent symptom of alopecia areata is patchy hair loss. Coin-sized patches of hair begin to fall out, largely in the scalp. Any website of hair growth may be affected, however, including the beard and eyelashes. The loss of hair can be abrupt, developing in just a few days or within a span of a few weeks. There might be itching or burning in the area before hair loss. The hair follicles aren’t ruined and so hair may re-grow if the inflammation of those follicles subsides. People who undergo just a couple of patches of baldness frequently have a spontaneous, full recovery without any kind of treatment.

Approximately 30 percent of individuals who grow alopecia areata find that their condition either becomes extensive or becomes a continuous cycle of hair loss and regrowth. About half of patients recover from alopecia areata within 1 year, but a lot of them will undergo more than 1 episode. Approximately 10% of people may go to develop alopecia totalis or alopecia universalis.

Alopecia areata can also affect the toenails and fingernails, and sometimes these changes will be the first sign that the condition is growing. 

  • ​pinpoint dents appear
  • white spots and lines appear
  • nails become rough
  • nails lose their shine
  • nails become thin and split

How is Alopecia Areata Diagnosed?

​Doctors are normally able to diagnose alopecia areata rather easily by analyzing symptoms. They may take a look at the level of baldness and analyze hairs from affected regions beneath a microscope. If, following a preliminary clinical evaluation, the physician isn’t able to earn a diagnosis, they could conduct a skin biopsy. Should they will need to rule out other autoimmune disorders, they may conduct a blood test.

As the indicators of alopecia areata are so distinctive, creating a diagnosis is generally straightforward and quick.


How is Alopecia Areata Treated?

​​There’s presently no treatment for alopecia areata, even though there are a few kinds of therapy which could be suggested by physicians to assist hair re-grow faster. The most common type of alopecia areata therapy is using corticosteroids, effective anti-inflammatory drugs that may suppress the immune system. All these are largely commonly handled through local injections, topical ointment program, or orally.

Other medicines which may be prescribed that promote hair growth or influence the immune system comprise Minoxidil, Anthralin, SADBE, and DPCP. Even though some of them may assist with the re-growth of baldness, it is impossible for them to prevent the creation of fresh bald spots. The usage of photochemotherapy is supported by some research and presents a possible choice for individuals unable or reluctant to utilise invasive or systemic therapies.

HairGrow Header

Wellaholic’s HairGrow™ – Hair Regrowth with 3 Scientific Methods


HairGrow™ is an effective solution for hair loss by combining Wellaholic’s three hair regrowth treatments with free additional weekly Low Level Laser Treatments (LLLT) to supercharge your hair regrowth. See results over a 12-week period. HairGrow combines all three different scientific hair regrowth treatments of Microneedling for Scalp, Scalp Booster and LLLT to accelerate your hair regrowth efforts. Pay for 2 treatments and get the 3rd treatment free. This includes a monthly supply of Minoxidil with Royal Jelly to jumpstart your hair growth.

Microneedling for Scalp


HairGrow™ is effective for treating the following hair loss conditions: 

  • Alopecia, Alopecia Aerata and Androgenic Alopecia
  • Baldness, thinning hair and receding hairline
  • If you are not reacting well to Minoxidil treatments


We highly recommend HairGrow™ over the individual treatments for the following reasons: 

  • PAY TWO GET THREE TREATMENTS – Accelerate your hair regrowth by combining all three of our scientific hair regrowth treatments. They are backed by scientific case studies to help you treat alopecia areata, hair loss, baldness, thinning hair and accelerate your hair regrowth.
  • BEST SAVINGS FOR MULTIPLE TREATMENTS – As all three treatments require between 12 weeks and 16 weeks to see the best results (based on a weekly treatment regime), the HairGrow™ Monthly Unlimited plans offers the best savings as we throw in the Low Level Laser Treatment (LLLT) for free.
  • FREE MONTHLY MINOXIDIL PLAN – HairGrow™ Monthly Unlimited comes with a free bottle of 5% Minoxidil (worth $59) for every month.  Hence, if you buy a Three-Monthly Unlimited plan, you will get 3 bottles of Minoxidil 5% with Royal Jelly for the course of the three months (daily application).

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