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Effective treatment against Acne Scars - Your total guide

Effective Treatment Against Acne Scars – Your Total Guide


Tsk! Why wouldn’t it go away regardless of what I did? It’s driving me nuts.”- exclaimed C, (whom she liked to be named), with a face full of worries. 

This issue has been bugging her for years- visible acne scars, red spots, and angry acne developing on her: the frustrating woes of teenage or adult acne, as some may call it. Today, Read our #tips101 on the effective treatment against acne scars.  

Let’s start off with identifying the different common types of acne scars. 

  • Ice-pick scars: Deep dot-like scars that are pitted. 
  • Rolling scars: Wavy in appearance, similar to a bumpy road, usually with sloping edges. 
  • Boxcar scars: Similar to rolling scars, but with more obvious, defined edges. 
  • Hypertrophic scars: Scars that protrude from the skin. 

​The icepick scar is the most common type of acne scar. Ice pick scars appear after the formation of an infected cyst, which destroys the skin tissue – leaving behind a long narrow scar. It starts off as a mild form of acne called a comedone, formed when oil from the sebaceous glands mixes with dirt or skin cells in hair follicles, blocking it. 

Why am I developing acne or acne scars?

“When acne forms on your skin, your body’s natural healing processes kick in just like they would for an injury or illness. Acne forms when your skin pores get clogged with too much oil and dead skin cells. Sometimes, it appears close to the surface of the skin – which means it will probably heal after a short time with minimal scarring. When acne is rooted farther down in the skin, though, it takes longer to heal. Because this runs deeper and destroys more of your skin tissue, it often leaves scars.  

Those dark marks you sometimes get after a bad outbreak are a different type of scar. Technically, they’re not scars at all, just changes in pigmentation (a technical term for skin colour). Often, the skin that closes over the wound changes colour, texture, or tone. In other cases, the broken blood vessels from a popped lesion leave a mark on your skin. These are what we usually call “dark marks” or hyperpigmentation

Those dark marks you sometimes get after a bad outbreak are a different type of scar.

Even if you don’t pop your acne, you may still see dark red or brown marks appear on your skin from, especially deep or inflamed cases. Don’t panic, though: if you held back from popping that pimple, these marks would usually fade within a few months.” 

Are there any methods to prevent acne scars?

Here are some ways which you can prevent acne scars from forming. 

Treat acne as soon as it develops

 – The best thing you can do is get skin inflammation levelled out as quickly as time permits. Start treating it immediately, and see your primary care physician promptly if your skin inflammation isn’t showing signs of improvement with over-the-counter skin inflammation medications. 

Reduce inflammation

– Your goal should always be to calm inflammation and avoid doing anything that will further irritate your skin. Aggressive scrubbing and harsh skincare products should be avoided. 

Don’t squeeze, pop or pick at pimples

 – In your attempt to pop a pimple that’s not ready to be opened, you risk exposing the inner layers of your skin to bacteria and other irritants. This can make it take longer for your pimple to heal, resulting in other pimples and even permanent scarring on your face. 

Always keep your face clean 

-Your skin has tiny holes called pores that can become blocked by oil, bacteria, dead skin cells, and dirt. When this occurs, you may develop a pimple or “zit.” If your skin is repeatedly affected by this condition, you may have acne.  

How do I prevent pimples?

We highly recommend to practice these self-care activities at home to prevent pimples and clear up your acne. 

  • Cleansing your face twice a day to remove excess oil and dirt. 
  • Using make-up that’s water-based or products that are noncomedogenic (otherwise, not pore-clogging). 
  • DO NOT squeeze pimples- again; we would like to emphasise on the importance of this as it allows the spreads of bacteria and excess oil 
  • As much as possible, do not touch your face. 
  • Stress could cause inflammation too! Take it slow if you could.  
  • It’s always good to wash your hands frequently, especially before applying your daily skincare regime. 
  • Know your skin well- consult a specialist on what works well for your skin. Buy the products that suit your skin- as long as it doesn’t aggravate the skin. 
  • Trust us; stress do take a toll on the skin. Take it slow if need be!
It’s always good to wash your hands frequently, especially before applying your daily skincare regime.

My acne scars do not go away. What can I do?

​We understand acne scars may persist, or sometimes worsen and it might be difficult to treat. Acne is one of the many common problems people faced and The Tropika Club recommend some of the many treatments you may go to. 


​Do not underestimate the power of a gentle chemical peel. These wonders offer plenty of excellent options that work on renewing the skin surface, reducing the depth and intensity of acne scarring. In simpler terms, it exfoliates dead and darkened scar skin cells, and kick-start your body’s natural production of collagen

Dermal Grafting

​It is a form of skin grafting procedure that is used to treat acne scars or level depressed spots using your natural skin tissues. This helps to enhance the overall skin texture without the use of fillers or implants. Worry not as the procedure takes approximately an hour- you will be able to go home right after the procedure. 

Skin grafts are done by taking a piece of healthy skin from another area of the body (called the donor site) and attaching it to the needed area. Another option for keloid scar treatment is laser surgery. Scars may be treated with a variety of different lasers, depending on the underlying cause of the scar.


​​This is a safe, minimally invasive, and effective aesthetic treatment that many other practitioners are doing. In fact, it has proven to be more effective than surgical treatments, laser resurfacing and chemical peels. Not only does it safely remove acne scars, it provides other benefits such as stimulating collagen production and removing wrinkles. Wellaholic providers microneedling treatments for our customers, and they are effective in diminishing acne scars.

Microneedling by Wellaholic

Minimally invasive collagen-induction therapy which can effectively reduce appearance of acne scars, pigmentation and stretch marks. 


Wellaholic’s Microneedling is a safe, minimally invasive, and effective aesthetic treatment for several different dermatologic conditions including acne and other scars. Given its expedient post-treatment recovery, limited side effect profile, and significant clinical results, microneedling is a valuable alternative to more invasive procedures such as laser skin resurfacing and deep chemical peeling.


  • Microneedling is extremely effective for Acne Scars.
  • A 2015 study of microneedling’s effect on atrophic acne scars revealed that patients experienced noticeable clinical improvement in the look of their post-acne scarring after three months of microneedling treatments. (Source3)
  • Gliding tiny micro needles over the skin breaks down collagen bundles in the top layer of the dermis, which are responsible for those uneven scars.
  • A retinol-based serum in this instance would provide additional exfoliating power to smoothen the acne scars.
  • About 4 to 6 sessions with a gap of 2 to 4 weeks per session are required for the most effective acne scar removal.
Microneedling facial treatments have proven to be more effective than surgical treatments, laser resurfacing and chemical peels

Microneedling facial treatments have proven to be more effective than surgical treatments, laser resurfacing and chemical peels in stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Microneedling also helps remove wrinkles and smooth acne scars.


Microneedling can also be done at a fraction of the cost when compared to surgical treatments. It appears to be an overall effective and safe therapeutic option for numerous dermatologic conditions.

Find out more about Microneedling by Wellaholic here



  • This formula uses three forms of HA with varying molecular weights, as well as an HA Crosspolymer.
  • This offers full-depth hydration and visible plumping without drawing water out of the skin.
  • B5 further enhances surface hydration.


  • This formula combines very high concentrations of two of the most powerful and important antioxidants in skincare: Resveratrol and Ferulic Acid.
  • Skincare formulations generally incorporate Resveratrol at 1% or less and Ferulic Acid at 0.5% or less.
  • This formula an exceptionally high concentration of resveratrol.


  • Matrixyl™ is a trademarked peptide composition developed by Sederma Inc. in France.
  • This highly-effective composition has been shown to reduce the look of static and dynamic wrinkles.
  • This formula contains two generations of Matrixyl™, at a combined concentration of 10% by weight in a specialized Hyaluronic Acid delivery system.

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