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Your Updated Guide to Teeth Whitening in Singapore

Introduction to Teeth Whitening

Considering a teeth whitening treatment? You have a lot to get. A whiter set of teeth will inevitably brighten up your smile, thus making you more friendly and approachable. Likewise, what you may not understand is how much it improves up your self-confidence and self-esteem in front of others.

There are also numerous other factors to go with teeth lightening services, such as darkening of natural teeth colour merely due to age, or stained teeth from continuous exposure to cigarette smoking, coffee, and even red wine. Of course there are likewise other factors to consider such as injury to a young tooth that triggers it to darken, or use of tetracycline antibiotics throughout early youth that leads to formation of dark grey looking teeth.

Considering a teeth whitening treatment? You have a lot to get. A whiter set of teeth will inevitably brighten up your smile, thus making you more friendly and approachable.

What can you do to Brighten your Teeth?

Go for your regular oral cleaning. Start by simply getting your teeth cleaned by the dental expert, by going with scaling and polishing services to remove all the discolorations and tartar that would have given you the yellow discolouration around your teeth. You might be shocked by just how much brighter your smile ends up being after whatever is tidy!

TeethWhite Teeth Whitening

You can also think about a take-home whitening package. Your dental professional will take a mould of your teeth to fabricate a custom-made fit tray that will comfortably fit into your set of teeth. You will then be supplied with whitening gel (with active components of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide that breaks down staining substances by triggering an oxidation reaction) to apply on the tray and place over your teeth. Typically it is used for couple of hours every day for a duration of 2 weeks. This is easy to use and relatively lower in cost. A personalized tray will also prevent gum inflammation that may arise from using uncomfortable, pre-made teeth whitening trays that are being used over the counter.

If you want to attain instant and efficient results, in-office teeth bleaching is a good choice for you. The treatment begins with a brief preparation to cover the lips and gums, leaving just the teeth exposed. Then, a layer of strong lightening gel is used over the teeth and a special high strength light is shone over the teeth. The very same active component is being used in this treatment but in a much higher concentration. The entire procedure will last for about an hour or 2, under the guidance of a dental expert. This is an option with much growing popularity due to its almost instant results. While working, it is also safe, for the whole treatment will be under the supervision of a dental expert.

Go for your regular oral cleaning. Start by simply getting your teeth cleaned by the dental expert, by going with scaling and polishing services

How White is White?

A great shade of white is when the shade of teeth matches the shade of the white of your eyes, because it will represent a warm and natural shade, unless you would like to go for a Hollywood white. In that case, you can think about oral bonding or porcelain veneers for an apparent smile remodeling. In any case, what you want is a white smile, and pearly whites that will impress everyone. 

Is it Safe to go through Teeth Whitening?

Bleaching does not soften the structure of teeth, but it is not unusual to develop short-term teeth level of sensitivity during the course of treatment. Therefore, the bleaching procedure may best be done under the guidance of a dental practitioner. Contact your dental expert if you are doing it at home and problems such as sensitivity or gum irritation emerge. Lifestyle routines such as coffee drinking, diet, and oral health might affect the lightening results, so a touch-up treatment may be essential. And obviously, basic oral health such as cavity free and healthy gums must be prioritized prior to continuing to teeth whitening. A good teeth whitening treatment will take into account the tooth sensitive and the amount or percentage of peroxide to be used for professional teeth whitening as part of the bleaching process. 

TeethWhite Teeth Whitening by Wellaholic

What is TeethWhite Teeth Whitening?

  • TeethWhite™ is a premium laser teeth whitening treatment in Singapore, offered at all Wellaholic outlets. 
  • Your teeth have pores just like your skin.
  • The nicotine and tar, as well as surface stains from coffee and tea and other beverages, can easily stain your teeth over time, leading to teeth discoloration. 
  • The primary ingredient in teeth whitening gel is Carbamide Peroxide.
  • The molecules will convert to hydrogen peroxide and become active when exposed to your teeth and with strong LED light.
  • The teeth whitening procedure helps target your teeth stains and whitens your teeth thoroughly.
  • You can see immediate whitening results right after the teeth whitening treatment, resulting in beautiful teeth. 
  • The whitening effect continues over a period of time, leading to a brighter smile and white smile. 

Is TeethWhite Teeth Whitening Backed by Science?

  • TeethWhite™ is a method of teeth whitening or teeth bleaching treatment in Singapore.
  • The teeth whitening treatment uses the LED blue light and red light to activate the teeth whitening gel.
  • The 6000w industrial lamp helps catalyse the whitening agent to speed up the reaction and causing free oxygen radicals to be formed. This makes the treatment more effective than teeth whitening kits. 
  • Any discoloration in the tooth enamel or tooth colour (teeth with external stains) can be removed effectively.
  • This aesthetic treatment leads to brighter teeth and whiter teeth, for more a beautiful smile.

How do I Maximize Results after my Teethwhite Treatment?

  • Visit a dental clinic for general cleaning before your TeethWhite™ teeth whitening treatment. This will help to remove any stains or plaque.
  • Avoid staining foods and drinks for 7 days after TeethWhite™ teeth whitening treatment.
  • If possible, try to brush you teeth with a normal toothpaste after each meal for 7 days after TeethWhite™. Maintain good oral care to prevent tooth decay. 
  • Here’s to beautiful teeth, and a whiter smile and pearly whites!

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Pricing of Teeth Whitening Treatments by Wellaholic 

Wellaholic believes in providing pricing transparency, and hence all prices are published and updated on its website. Choose from either TeethWhite per-session plans, or our TeethWhite Unlimited which gives you up to 4 weekly sessions at a discounted rate to accelerate your teeth whitening progress.

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