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Microneedling Gave Me the Glowiest Skin of My Life


2020 is almost over and taking care of our skin has bever been a more important tasks. We don’t just use face lotions anymore. We use a retinol-containing night-time moisturiser. We don’t blindly buy into three-step solutions. We flip the box over and study the ingredients. 

Naturally, our facials are getting more sophisticated as well. By now, you have likely heard the praise for microneedling – a medical facial that is quickly replacing the classic spa facial that feels nice but does not do much. Microneedling is a procedure that can be conducted by a cosmestic surgeon, dermatologist or an esthetician. 

I met up with plastic surgeon Dr. Meliassa Doft in her Park Avenue office to chat about everything microneedling, plus experience it for myself. It turns out — there’s a lot in your hands when it comes to having a great microneedling experience. 

Before Your Microneedle

“Watch out for overexfoliation or anything that’s a bit harsher,” Dr. Doft advised. “You want to have your skin in its most calm state beforehand.” (This is also the reason why Wellaholic’s Elight customers are advised to stay off Diamond Peel during the week they are doing Microneedling.) The last thing I wanted to do before dragging a bunch of needles across my face was send my skin to a freak-out spiral using too many actives. 

The Experience

In a private room at the back of Dr. Doft’s office, my face was beginning to go numb. The doctor has just applied a topical numbing cream, and a slack sensation spread across my cheeks, forehead and chin. Twenty minutes later, Dr. Doft wiped the lidocaine off my face and proceeded to “draw lines” across my face with a pen-like, handheld microneedling device. “The depth of the needles in controllable,” she told me. “That’s one of the biggest differences between doing it at a specialised centre versus doing it at home with an at-home needling kit — that you can go deeper and you can control the penetration.”

As she completed sections of my face, Dr. Doft would coat my skin with a properietary hyaluronic acid-based serum. “These teeny needles open up the skin barrier and also stimulate collagen production. Once you open up the skin barrier is a great time to infuse whatever the focus is for that particular patient’s skin,” she said. 

While my treatment was focused on hydration and collagen production, there are many different concerns your session can address, and a range of topicals that can be used. 


Risks of microneedling at home

While my microneedling was conducted by a professional, it’s also possible to use at-home tools such as a dermaroller. When shopping for these products, you must take note of possible long-term damage. “There are certain parts of your face where you can go deeper, adn certain parts of your face where you need to be more shallow,” Dr. Doft advises. “Over the forehead, for example, you can’t microneedle quite as much as you could over your cheek, which is much thicker. I usually don’t microneedle anywhere around the eyes. Around the mouth would be okay but I wouldn’t go on the lips. I would start by going not very deep and then see how that’s tolerated.” 

After Microneedling

“After you’ve had microneedling, your skin is like a sponge — it will soak up whatever you want it to soak up, but it also soaks it up pretty quickly, so you want to keep it very moist and hydrated.” She wasn’t kidding. When I got home after leaving the clinic, my skin was already thirsty for more moisture. A week later, I’m truly shook by just how poreless my cheeks still look and feel. My skin seems to have leveled up it’s ability to retain moisture, as it stays plump and hydrated throughout the day. Friends have commented umprompted on how healthy my skin looks, only to have me launch into my newly adopted diatribe about how everyone can benefit from microneedling. If you’re looking to take your glow to the next level, microneedling (plus proper home care), is it.

[Adapted from Laura Reilly, InStyle}